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Extended Range Sidemount Diving

Extended Range Sidemount Diving


Extended Range Sidemount Diving is already common practice for many wreck and cave divers. Now the benefits are being discovered by more and more also recreational divers. The ease of movement without a heavy tank on your back and a new feeling of buoyancy are enticing advantages of the diving style. You will earn the SSI Extended Range Sidemount Diving Specialty certification after completing this program.


  • Minimum Age: 18
  • Certification Prerequisites: Open Water Diver
  • 24 logged dives
  • Academic Sessions: 1
  • Pool/Confined Water Sessions: 1 Optional
  • Open Water Dives: 2
  • Maximum Training Depth: Varies with age
  • Suggested Duration: 6 – 10 hours

Please refer to the SSI Training Standards for more detailed information


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